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Inspired by the word mellow, which means pleasant and free from harshness, it is our mission at mellō to provide suitable treatments tailored to your needs, using only the best organic products in the world. As we are a community of organic lovers, we are guided by the belief that what is good for the planet is good for us. Therefore, you can rest assured that products and treatments at mellō are free from toxic chemicals that would hurt your body or the environment.

At mellō, we hear you. From the deepest desires of your heart to the thoughts that keep you up at night, nothing is too trivial or too major for us. Address your skin concerns at mellō today, to confidently emanate your beauty from within. We are all ears. Relax. Rejuvenate. Renew. Do it all at mellō


hear from our mellō-ers

Hello dear clients of the “Mello” studio!in 2018, I was lucky enough to have a massage session with the master Minna.At that time, I came on vacation from Russia to Singapore.At that moment on my face were the effects of Quincke’s edema and, in addition, edema from the flight at 14 o’clock.with such a puffy face, vacation was in jeopardy.Minna gave me a massage, took care of my skin with natural cosmetics: after three hours, the puffiness completely disappeared, my face became textured and healthy!The result inspired me so much that I quit my job as a project manager and went to study for massage!dear studio “Mello”, dear Minna – I am grateful to you!hug and good luck with your work!

Inna NOR

I recently went for my first facial with Minna (as she came highly recommended from my cousin, one of her regulars) and I was extremely pleased with her services. Minna was knowledgeable in the treatments she delivered and sincere in delivering the best facial tailored for me. She was very experienced, skillful and gentle with my skin. Her products are of high quality and she did the full works for me (cyrotherapy, oxygen, anti-ageing, shaping etc.). I enjoyed myself greatly and so did my partner! I bought a package with her immediately after my first session and am looking forward to my next one already. Thank you Minna!

Melissa Tham

I have sensitive skin so it is very important to use quality and natural ingredients.

I came to know Minna through referral and she is very experienced and have been in this line for many years. She has accurately tell me what is wrong with my face and what are the proposed treatment when I came to see her for the first time. She doesn’t use sales tactics to scare or force people to continue patronise or buy her products. She will tell you what you need and you decide if you want to get it or not.

Her service and products used are made from natural ingredients and is even safe for pregnant mummies! You can be assured the service and products used on your face are of quality and natural. With the services she offered, outside can easily charge you with few hundred dollars. For her – you can ensure every penny’s worth.

I would recommend to swing by her shop if you are nearby or give her a call if you are interested to know more!

Weiling T

I had one of the best facials of my life at Minna’s salon. She puts a lot of care and dedication to what she does and I love how the products are natural and healthy for my skin.

Minna is also very knowledgeable, she has advised me on various occasions on what products to pick and how to apply it in my skincare routine. I am super grateful I’ve got to know her and I would recommend her place to anyone!


I have been a client of Minna’s for several years now. She always ensures a very relaxing, tranquil environment. She is very professional and knowledgeable, and tailors her approach depending on the condition of my skin. I cannot recommend her highly enough 🙂

Robert Irvine

I highly recommend Minna! I absolutely loved the facial, she will assess your skin and recommend whats best for you. My partner has his first facial ever and is hooked as well. She is extremely professional and you can notice that she is very experienced. After the session our skin was glowing. In short, an amazing and relaxing facial experience.

Karen Hanrath

Wonderful therapist, very thorough. My skin looks better after each treatment! The natural cosmetics she uses smell amazing. Very relaxing & holistic treatment. Highly recommended!

Marketa Dvorak-Ghosh

Minna is a really great therapist who customises the facial on what your skin needs. Love the attention to detail, all natural products and ambience. Highly recommend!

Grace Tang

Mello is my favourite place for facials. It’s clean and hygienic, has all the latest technology, and no nonsense packages. I trust Minna as she is an amazing Esthetician with years of experience! She does skilled extractions and relaxing facial massages. Definitely recommend!

Preetha VS

The experience is extremely pleasant! No noisy foot traffic, yet in the CBD district. The products are naturally and pampers you skin like no other, coupled with the gentle touch of the friendly beautician, and end of with a great shoulder relaxation massage! Feels glowing and wonderful the whole week, thank you!

Irene Liu Yi Ning

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