ORGAID Organic Face Oil, Amaranth Squalene



The Ultimate Skin Reviver…

Create a smoother, younger and healthier complexion! Amaranth Squalene blended with an age defying trio of Rosehip Seed Extract, Rosemary Extract, and Jojoba Oil gives you a polished appearance. Its lightweight and fast absorption gives you a natural glow, enhancing your skin’s hydration without feeling heavy. It also makes your skin smoother!

For The Best Results…

Use our Organic Face Oil as your last skincare step to lock in all moisture into your skin. We love pairing this with our Youth Serum!

Key Ingredients: CO2 Amaranth Seed Extract

Amaranth Seed aka “Super Grain”, contains rich proteins, amino acids, and much skin-beneficial nutrition. Once extracted via Supercritical CO2 extraction, Amaranth extract is the leading natural and plant-based source of Squalene up to 8%.⁠ Squalene is a high-quality unsaturated fatty acid helping remove free radicals in the skin. It has excellent antioxidant effects, and skin moisturizing and softening effects.

Additional Facts:
– Light weight, fast absorption, does not clog pores
– Acts as Natural Emollient: softens the skin and locks in moisture
– Vegan and cruelty free because extracted from the seed of Amaranth flower
– Contains many nutrients from extraction process vs chemically synthesized Squalane
– Squalene is more effective than Squalane but less stable meaning shorter shelf life