Coconut Candle – Charming Chestnut


A real eye-catcher for your interior, but also sustainable, environmentally friendly and many times healthier than a normal candle. Sounds almost too good to be true right? Discover We Love Coconut Candles!

The natural Coconut candle Charming Chestnut is made from 100% soy wax, contains no chemicals, is environmentally friendly and is also biodegradable. Much healthier for you than a ‘normal’ candle and it also lasts twice as long, no less than 40 to 45 hours! So be kind to yourself – and to the environment – ​​and go for a coconut candle!

Charming Chestnut
The Coconut candle Charming Chestnut has a powerful but especially charming scent. The combination of, among other things, candied chestnuts, mimosa and vanilla provide a full, warm scent.